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XML Sitemap pro video

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Chtěla jsem vás požádat o oficiální vydání verze 9.0.3 - Andromeda, plánujete vytvořit XML Sitemap pro video pomocí těchto pokynů https://support.g...swer/80471 nebo alternativním řešením zdroje mRSS?

A další otázka. Co si myslíte o přidání nové funkce pro vložení náhledu fotografií pomocí adresy URL? Používáte-li video ze sociálních sítí, tato metoda pomáhá vidět vzdálená videa na Facebooku, VKontakte a dalších místech.

Používal jsem k překladu do češtiny, pokud je zde velké zkreslení textu, řekněte mi to.
Use English, Google Translate is not good choice. Can you resend this in English?
1. I wanted to ask you about adding a video to your XML Sitemap Generator: You plan to do this, for the official release of php-fusion v9.xx, at the end of 2018? For the video, we need to use google recommendations for creating a sitemap: https://support.g...0471?hl=en I made a simple version for the textual material on the site, adding to the SitemapGenerator.php file the code for the video that generates only this:


Google accepted my Sitemap, there are no errors, but indexing is bad. I don't know, how to add different entries with the <video> ... </ video> tag. For example, I would like to add tags:


Below is part of my code that I have on the site:

 private function Videos($cats = FALSE, $base_links = TRUE, $options = []) {
 if ($base_links == TRUE) {
 $this->sitemap->addItem($this->siteurl.'infusions/videos/videos.php', '', $options['frequency'], $options['priority']);
 $this->sitemap->addItem($this->siteurl.'infusions/videos/videos.php?type=view', '', $options['frequency'], $options['priority']);
 $this->sitemap->addItem($this->siteurl.'infusions/videos/videos.php?type=recent', '', $options['frequency'], $options['priority']);
 //$this->sitemap->addItem($this->siteurl.'infusions/videos/videos.php?type=comments', '', $options['frequency'], $options['priority']);
 //$this->sitemap->addItem($this->siteurl.'infusions/videos/videos.php?type=ratings', '', $options['frequency'], $options['priority']);

 if ($cats == TRUE) {
 $result = dbquery("SELECT video_cat_id, video_cat_language
 ".(multilang_table('VL') ? " WHERE video_cat_language='".LANGUAGE."'" : '')."

 if (dbrows($result) > 0) {
 while ($data = dbarray($result)) {
 $this->sitemap->addItem($this->siteurl.'infusions/videos/videos.php?cat_id='.$data['video_cat_id'], '', $options['frequency_cat'], $options['priority_cat']);
 } else {
 $result = dbquery("SELECT v.*, vc.video_cat_id, vc.video_cat_name, u.user_id, u.user_name, u.user_status, u.user_avatar, u.user_level, u.user_joined
 INNER JOIN ".DB_VIDEO_CATS." vc on v.video_cat = vc.video_cat_id
 LEFT JOIN ".DB_USERS." u ON v.video_user=u.user_id
 ORDER BY v.video_datestamp DESC

 if (dbrows($result) > 0) {
 while ($data = dbarray($result)) {
 $this->sitemap->addItem($this->siteurl.'infusions/videos/videos.php?video_id='.$data['video_id'], $data['video_datestamp'], $options['frequency'], $options['priority']);

It may be enough only to add the necessary functions to it for creating the <video: video> tag? Or am I mistaken and I need to edit the code in different places?

2. And one more question. What are your thoughts on adding a new feature to display a preview of a picture using a URL? If we add videos from social networks such as Facebook or Vkontakte (VK). This method will help us to track deleted videos from social networks. If the author who uploaded the video then deletes it, then the preview will disappear on our website. This is not a complete tracking, but it often helps, so far only for videos from youtube and vimeo.
I added support for Videos but now only this style

later I will add full support for this

And also updated UI, added support for Sitemap Index

2. If you think the Open Graph metadata, those are already implemented.
1. Wow! Thank you for taking your free time. I understand that, you, now have a lot of work related to the preparation of a new final release of cms, etc.

2. In this question, I had in mind, a bit different. I apologize, that writing so incomprehensibly. Now I will explain my thoughts in more detail. I meant Video Screenshot, to add photo in Admin Dashboard / Content Admin / Videos / Add. Button at the bottom - Click to add photo. In this way we upload photos to our hosting.
I meant it: And what if next to add another form, as in the editor TinyMCE / Insert-edit image / Source. Or something simple, just a field to enter a link to the source of the screenshot. View photo:
Inserting a screenshot for video by reference from another site. this is useful for inserting video through Embed code.
1. Added full support for videos (Download from my github: ) also update Video infusion (Only if you have 9.0.3)

2. I do not plan to add it yet. Maybe in future.
Thank you so much for Sitemap for video. This is an important update.
I downloaded the locale files from github today and made minor corrections. Update them please.
zizub Připojili následující soubor: [2,72kB / 176 stažení] [1,24kB / 159 stažení]
One more thing... In the admin panel: Home - Admin Dashboard - Content Admin - Videos - Add. If you select Url, the type of video being added, text prompts will appear in red. It seems to me that YouTube and Vimeo are superfluous. For me, YouTube and Vimeo are not working. I could be wrong, but to add video through Url, you need to know the full path to the video file (MOV, MP4, and other formats). YouTube and Vimeo hide the full path to the video file. It may be worth removing these lines from the Url section. Check out how it works for you, maybe I'm wrong.
zizub Připojili následující obrazek:

If you choose type YouTube/Vimeo, just insert YouTube/Vimeo url. Video will be loaded directly from its servers. Same is with screenshot. If you leave screenshot empty, image will be loaded automaticli from Youtube/Vimeo servers.

If you choose type URL put full path of video from another server, but if you wan to host you videos on your server just select File tab and upload video.
There is an error in the sitemap. Notification in google webmaster tools:


Sitemap can be read, but has errors
Invalid url (23 items with errors)
Invalid URL. Please enter a valid URL and resubmit.
Line 34
Line 46
Line 130
The <video: content_loc> or <video: player_loc> tags have the same meaning as <loc>. They should contain links to the video itself, not to its HTML target page. (98 items with errors)
We found that the value of the <video: content_loc> or <video: player_loc> tag matches the value of <loc>. These tags should link to the video itself, not to its HTML target page. If the link is incorrect, this video will not be counted in your submission. For <video: content_loc>, the link should point to the raw video bytes. For <video: player_loc>, the link should point to the SWF player and have the correct parameters for playing the target video.
Line 35
Line 47
Line 59

1. I think in <video: player_loc> for YouTube and Vimeo, the link address should be displayed with the video identifier.
For Vimeo, it should look like this "", this is what is indicated in src = (in the iframe). For youtube player tag should be of this type: ""

It will be good if you make an automatic definition of (src =) links in the iframe. If there is such an opportunity.

2. The <video: content_loc> tag is used only for direct links to the video file (.mov, .mp4, etc). It is required for those who upload videos to their hosting or add videos to the site using the Url type (in the admin panel on the site).

Please correct, when you have free time.
I will continue in this topic. XML Sitemap, all is well in the Google Search Console. Thank you very much. My site is indexed, but it is not in search.
In another search engine, Yandex Webmaster, there is a message about the redirect. There, many pages are deleted due to redirect. I think this is just for a search robot. The site itself works well. When you have free time, please see the work of the redirect. Maybe there need something to fix.
It's not issue in my sitemap generator.
Generate again sitemap.xml.
If you delete video, you must generate again sitemap.
Another question: what will happen if I turn on the function in the Sitemap settings: Split into multiple files? (Sitemap Index)? I do not understand when this feature is needed?
This is a very good feature for sites with many pages. Thank you very much. Líbí se mi to
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